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Praise for The Perfect Mother

“This third novel in a series of four is exciting and difficult to put down.  Carole Carson is a talented, imaginative writer who deals with tough human issues with honesty and clarity.”
—Dr. Linda Pitcher, former Assistant Superintendent, Northville Public Schools

“In this well-written novel, Jane Bertram deals with old hurts while discovering what’s really important in life. She also figures out when enough is enough and when it’s time to pursue her lifelong dreams. Reading how Jane makes important decisions may help others on their journey.”
—Mary Wood, author and retired secretary

“A well-written captivating book on the transforming power of forgiveness and love. Should be liberating to any reader trapped in the prison of bitterness.”
—Kathryn Craft Rogers, retired senior manager, human resources and business operations

“This book gave me goosebumps! Carole Carson is an artist in the way she paints the story so the reader feels deeply not only Jane’s pain and sorrow but also her enlightenment and joy. This is a must-read!”
—Charlotte Belisle, MSN, RN

“An outstanding work that will give readers insight into how to fulfill their dreams and strengthen their relationships. Life constantly challenges Jane Bertram to learn to accept herself and those around her, especially her difficult mother. The eye-opening experiences are difficult. However, a positive approach opens new doors for Jane—as it will for readers!”
—Kathy Pappola, real estate broker associate

The Perfect Mother continues the fictionalized story of Carole Carson’s unbelievable journey through life. The twists and turns are plentiful and make the reader feel emotionally connected to Jane Bertram (the author’s alter ego). Heartily recommended as both a page-turner and inspiration for making the most of life.”
—Joni D. Mahler, MEd, educational therapist

“Carole Carson takes us through the next phase of Jane’s battle to overcome a horrific childhood. I am delighted that Jane makes impressive, if uneven, progress toward not just a normal life but an exceptional life. This provides an important lesson for us all: just how much support and guidance from others can help us overcome our personal challenges. Ms. Carson’s writing is skillful and entrancing.”
—Ernie Norris, retired businessman

“The Perfect Mother is Carole Carson’s distillation of a life well-lived despite enormous challenges in the youth of the main character and the experiences of her adult years. While always looking forward for ways to make life better can take a person a long way, a discerning look at the past, with forgiveness, frees up the present for amazing creative adventures. Carole captures this journey in her novel with grace and appreciation.”
—Ginny McLaughlin, teacher and artist

“After decades of despair over their relationship, Jane Bertram finally comes to terms with her mother. She also learns to accept that she is not a perfect mother. But like her mother (and perhaps all mothers), Jane is doing her best with the hand she was dealt. I look forward to the final book, The First and Last Lesson, and how the story comes full circle.”
—Julie Marley, retired industrial engineer, John Deere

“Seeing Jane face her fears, doubts, and insecurities yet still persevere was inspiring.  Central to her maturing is her reliance on prayer and relinquishment of control. Watching Jane marry and learn to trust and forgive was wonderfully satisfying.”
—Debra Wagner, retired Director of Business Development, Dignity Health

The Perfect Mother is a great read by a very talented writer. Jane Bertram still has the childhood impact of her abusive mother influencing her life. But a therapist helps her realize that her mother’s contributions made Jane’s later accomplishments possible. I look forward to the final book.”
—Karen Uglem, homemaker and retired teacher

“I felt inspired by the story. I’m a better person for having this glimpse of real life lived tenaciously—learning to go beyond crushing meanness, to gain the talent to rise above petty living and poverty, to learn to change one’s seemingly justified perspectives to appreciate the value of difficult people better and of prioritizing one’s dream.”
—G. Riley, artist

“A workaholic, Jane Bertram, wants to find love but does not know how to love herself. She doesn’t want to end up like her mother but is on the same path until first a friend and then a therapist intervene. I’m already looking forward to the next book to see what Jane does in ‘retirement.’”
—Heather Bathen, district nutrition program manager

“Carole Carson’s writing is engaging and makes the reader eager to keep reading to see what happens to Jane Bertram and peer into her thinking process.  I felt anticipation while reading the book, looking forward to seeing Jane’s successes in many areas of her life and how she deals with struggles and inner turmoil with relationships.”
—Susan Schmidt, retired legal secretary