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In 1936,  Cornell College professor Winifred Van Etten's book, I Am the Fox, won the Atlantic Monthly award for Best Fiction of the Year. For context, Margaret Mitchell's novel, Gone With the Wind, won second place. Nearly 90 years later,  I Am the Fox is still available online and will soon be reprinted.

Professor Van Etten was my beloved professor, as she was for many of her students. Shortly before her death in May 1983, I traveled from California to Iowa to see her on Mother's Day. During our last conversation, I screwed up my courage and told this incredibly private person how much she meant to me. Blackbird is dedicated to her memory.

Oh yes! Back to your reasons for purchasing Blackbird:

  • To honor Professor Van Etten. She dedicated her life to teaching, inspiring countless students like me.
  • To support Cornell College. I'm donating 100% of the proceeds from book sales to Cornell College. Half will go to Foxden Press for the reprinting of Winifred's book. The other 50% will go to the general fund. Note: When ordering the paperback version, be sure to put code CC23 on the order so that we can track the purchase.
  • To enjoy a good read. In her review, Cornell College Professor and Chair of English and Creative Writing Leslie Kathleen Hankins writes: 

Make sure to put in code CC23 for tracking.

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"Powerful. Compelling. Honest. Searing. I read Blackbird nonstop. I could not put the book down. In stark times, we need stories of earned triumph—and Carole Carson has delivered one. Blackbird is a must-read."

About Carole Carson

With a degree in English from Cornell College, Carole Carson combined a career in higher education, government, business, and public service. 

In retirement, Carole created a community fitness event where 2,000 of her friends and neighbors lost 4 tons in 8 weeks. Next, Carole created an online fitness program for AARP and wrote over 700 articles for the 30,000-member group.

Carole then turned her attention to writing fiction. The first novel in a quartet, Blackbird, was published in February 2023 and will be followed by My Mother's Daughter (to be released in June), The Perfect Mother  (to be released this fall) and The First and Last Lesson (to be released this winter).

Carole currently writes a monthly column, "Joyful Aging," for The Union newspaper and a blog, Grandma's French Adventures. She lives in France, where she struggles to learn the language.