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Resources for book clubs, writers, and other groups

If you are a book club member, writer, or avid fan of the Blackbird series, you are in the right place. This page contains resources for you.


Writing the Blackbird series was a cathartic, transformative experience. Now, I look forward to sharing the books and my experiences with whomever, for whatever reason, as long the goals are positive.


Some possibilities:

  • Are you a book club member or a Blackbird series fan? Contact me if you'd like the Blackbird series study guides or if you'd like to organize a free virtual reading and discussion with the author.
  • Writers and writer groups, the same goes for you. How about a virtual conversation about writing fictional autobiographies with creative exercises?
  • Other groups treating subjects as varied as women's empowerment to overcoming abuse are also welcome. 
  • Finally, if you represent a charity, we can sell books to raise money for your cause.

These are some of my ideas, but I want to hear yours! Let's unlock the power of the written word together.


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